Ride the Barbara J Paddle Wheel Boat

Ride the Barbara J Paddle Wheel Boat

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In July, 2015 ownership of the Barbara J changed as Barbara J Cruises, LLC acquired the iconic cruise ship from Silver Shores Restaurant.
The boat will remain on Conneaut Lake and will be available to the public for regularly scheduled cruises and for private, chartered parties. Catering can be arranged for the chartered cruises. Please refer to the Catering tab of this website section.

Keeping the Barbara J on Conneaut Lake, after it was nearly sold away to Wisconsin, is a very important step in the overall plans for the revitalization of Conneaut Lake. The Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) is also participating in the revival of the Barbara J on Conneaut lake and looks forward to the fun and entertainment it will provide our community.

Barbara J Cruises, LLC is a non-profit corporation. It was formed with the objective of preserving and operating the historic boat on Conneaut Lake for the long term pleasure of the general public. The corporation is comprised of ownership and sponsors/volunteers who are dedicated to the future of the Barbara J on Conneaut Lake.
The modest fees collected for public rides and charters initially cover the costs to service and operate the boat. Profits are advanced to the “CLCDC Fund” which was established to accept tax deductible donations for the specific goal of providing maintenance funds for the revitalization work that is underway in the Borough and Fireman’s Beach.

Thus, the public can be assured that tour and charter fees will be going to a very worthy cause and not toward the bottom line of a for-profit enterprise.
Since Barbara J Cruises, LLC acquired the Barbara J. many renovations and improvements have been made to the boat including fresh paint and varnish, new ADA boarding ramps, new windows, new sound system, improved facilities, lower-level heating, and improved, more trustworthy power/navigation system.

A broad calendar and public ride schedule have been established and will be maintained to provide the opportunity for people to take advantage of a nostalgic boat ride around Conneaut Lake while enjoying the scenery, and history of Conneaut Lake. The Barbara J is a perfect way to entertain friends or to just enjoy a relaxing cruise. Many people prefer to charter the Barbara J for their private party, event or meeting. This has become a popular way to enjoy the ride and the lake and reservations can be made by simply calling 814-382-RIDE.